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Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We recognize today that almost all orthodontic treatment requires wearing a retainer for life. Traditionally we are looking at bonded wires for retention and Hawley appliances and Invisalign retainers. None of these traditional appliances take into consideration the young patient that is a tooth clencher or grinder, that has swallowing habits that can lead to relapse and that has a compromised jaw joint and / or compromised airway.

The OrthoBlock ™ retainer:

1-Acts as a deprogrammer for the muscles of mastication and reduces clenching and grinding.
2-Makes more room for the tongue to improve sleep and breathing.
3-Reduces cortisol and raises DHEA levels.
4-Balances and tones the autonomic nervous system and reduces inflammation.
5-Distracts the temperomandibular jaw joint to reduce jaw pain and promote healing.
6-Develops and tones the pharyngeal airway.
7-Shrinks the turbinates and promotes nasal breathing.
8-Enhances facial symmetry through “mechanotransduction”

The Orthoblock™ Retainer uses a combination of the patented unilateral bite block and “T” flap springs to signal the body to bioengineer self- correction.

ANS balance and tone can be demonstrated using the emwave2 by HeartMath

The airway has the ability to self-correct, see below:


Upper Airway Resistance Syndrome- Screening, Diagnosis and Management:  Connecting the Dots

Instructors: Theodore R. Belfor, DDS, Mark Cruz DDS
Senior Certified Instructor International Association for Orthodontics Chairman & President OrthoSmile, Inc.

Date & Time: September 21 & 22 (Friday/Saturday); 8:30-4:30
Location: Renaissance ClubSport Aliso Viejo 50 Enterprise Aliso Viejo, CA 92656 p. 949.330.5543 f. 949.330.5541
Tuition: $975

Clinical Foundation of Orthopedics and Orthodontics & TMD (CFOO}
TRIPLE-O Dental Laboratory
Nov. 30, Dec.1, 2012
Gainesville, TX
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