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Saturday, September 27, 2008



As we age we see more lines wrinkles, folds and depressions when we look in the mirror. The aging of the face has been compared to removing the water from a grape, which reduces the volume, and results in a raisin. When we put on weight, we increase fat deposits and in turn, the facial volume which reduces these age lines. Injecting fillers under the skin will do the same. Many of us would rather not put on weight and would prefer not to get injections to look younger. Yes, we do have an answer. It is a one hundred percent natural, holistic process, achieved by wearing a simple dental appliance, similar to a retainer, while you sleep. Let us explain.

The Human Genome Project (HGP) is an international scientific effort to map all of the genes of the human chromosomes. It is showing us that modern humans apparently possess essentially the same 30,000 genes as those of our early Homo sapiens ancestors 125,000 years ago. (Ridley, 1999; Dennis and Gallagher, 2001; Clayton and Dennis, 2003). The difference is that faces, back then, were wider; the area above the eyes more prominent and the jaws appeared stronger. The bones of the face are the foundation and support for the soft tissue that we see. As we age, that bone structure support reduces in volume. (Shaw and Kahn, 2007). Stimulating nature to grow and remodel the bones of the face by expressing some of the primitive genes that we possess can and does produce a more youthful appearance (Singh GD, 2003). Our faces are a combination of the expression of our genes and the influence of our environment. If you were (1) not breast fed, (2) sucked your thumb, (3) were a mouth breather as a child, your face would not have developed as it would have if you were (1) breast fed, (2) did not suck your thumb, (3) were not a mouth breather. How can we be sure that we will all look better? Simply enough, what we recognize as beauty in every culture around the world is facial symmetry, high wide cheekbones, a wide smile and strong jaws. Expression of inherited genes enhances facial symmetry through facial development (Little AC., et al., 2001). Widening the face, at the area of the cheekbones; results in the lower eyelid becoming fuller, the eyes more level and the jaws more prominent (Growth and Treatment a Meeting of the Minds; Monograph 41, Craniofacial Growth Series. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. 7. Singh GD (2003)). When the appliance is worn every night, the functional environmental component of our facial development is stimulated, and as a result, genes that have not been expressed in our development can become active. Homeoblock™ treatment has shown discernable effects on the maxillary arch and face including a size change of 8-11% and a shape change that is consistent with improved arch alignment (Singh GD, Diaz J Busquettes-VaelloC et al. Facial changes following treatment with a removable orthodontic appliance in adults. Funct Orthod. 2004; 21:18-23). We can expect to see facial changes appear in as little as three to six months.

Before | After

After twelve months of treatment, this patient appears to have better facial symmetry, higher, wider cheekbones, a wider face, more level eyes and reduced lines and depressions

The Homeoblock™ Appliance:
Training/Certification & Advanced Techniques

Saturday, December 13, 2008
New York, NY

The University Club
1 West 54th Street
(54th Street @ 5th Avenue),
New York, NY 10019

Registration: $895.00

Course Overview:
Introduction to the Homeoblock™ appliance
Diagnostic and treatment protocol
Jaw Development and Tooth Movement
Application for facial development, treatment for the airway, TMJ, and anti-aging
Designing Cases and adjusting the appliance
Bring study models and facial photos for case treatment planning and design
Facial development and anti-aging techniques

Registration: Pamela @ 518-943-7703