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Monday, July 27, 2009

Treating Class lll With a Bi-lateral Crossbite With the Homeoblock™

After 12 Months

Please note arch development and leveling of the occlusal plane. The increased vertical height concurrent with the open bite enhances facial esthetics.

This patient reports better breathing and improvement of head and neck pain. Treatment will continue for 12 more months.

Note: Decreased laxity of the lower eyelid and the fuller upper lip

More Level Eyes

Increased Mid-face Volume

Class lll patients with underdeveloped maxilla can benefit from Homeoblock™ treatment. We do not expect to correct the cross bite. The facial esthetic, the functional improvement, postural and breathing improvement, makes the treatment a success.

How do we get these results?

“Epigenetic Orthodontics

Intermittent light forces as small as 1 gram applied physiologically during the act of swallowing to the periodontal ligament produce the changes in the alveolus and the tooth position.

The periodontal ligament functions quite like the boney suture. It has high vascularity and fibrous tissue that can differentiate into bone tissue. The PDL contains nerve fibers (receptors) blood vessels and mesenchymal cells that are undifferentiated, or partly differentiated, cells that act as adult stem cells, and can produce osteoblasts, osteoclasts and fibroblasts. The receptors in the PDL let us know where the position of the jaw is at all times. When we stimulate the development with the intermittent forces, the body begins to self correct. Ultralight signals (less than 1 sec and less than 1 kg) are detected by mechanoreceptors on the surface of the periodontal and periosteal cells. When the light forces are applied to the teeth, the blood vessels are compressed on the pressure side and dilated on the tension side. Oxygen tension begins to change and prostoglandins and cytokines are released. Chemical messengers are affected and enzyme levels change. There is an increase in cAMP (cyclic adenosine monophosphate) and cellular differentiation begins within the PDL.

In relation to the changes we see in the face:

Biomechanical stresses are linked to gene expression through the production of BMP-4. (Bone morphogenetic protein)

Due to signal transduction, a cascade of events is initiated resulting in gene transcription and mRNA biosynthesis and tissue formation.



published in the current issue,

Summer 2009

of the


and inventor of the patented


will present:



Saturday, September 12, 2009

New York, NY


The University Club

1 West 54th Street

(54th Street @ 5th Avenue),

New York, NY 10019


Registration: $895.00

[$795 before 07/31/09]

Special Rate for Homeoblock™ Certified Doctors: $695

Course Overview:

Introduction to the Homeoblock™ Appliance

Diagnostic and treatment protocol

Jaw development and tooth movement

Treatment for the airway & TMJ

Facial development and anti-aging techniques

Designing cases and adjusting the appliance

Bring study models and facial photos for case treatment planning and design.

Course Introduction

The body is encoded for certain specific developmental mechanisms

· Sutural Homeostasis

Suture width remains at 250 microns.

· Jaw function

Teeth retain functional occlusion.

· Facial Symmetry

The external body is encoded for symmetry.

This course presentation allows the dental practitioner to harness the body’s natural ability for self correction through gene environmental interaction using encoded developmental mechanisms and the natural physiologic process of swallowing.

We can change the architecture where the teeth, the face, the joints and the airway are found. The result is an improved physiologic function.

Course Highlights

· The Homeoblock™ appliance and why it is different from all other dental appliances.

· How do applied intermittent light forces on teeth move teeth effectively?

· How do the periodontal ligament and the adult facial bony sutures contribute to facial, airway and TMJ development?

· Clinical examples of adult facial, airway and TMJ enhancement.

· Using state of the art 3D technology for patient evaluation before and after Homeoblock™ treatment.

· The protocol for a possible exit strategy for sleep apnea patients wearing a CPAP device.

· A non-surgical facial anti-aging protocol.

· Jaw development and tooth movement in conjunction with light wire or Invisalign




(1) The Dentist’s Role in Facial Anti-Aging

Theodore R. Belfor, DDS


Volume 20; Number 2; Summer 2009

(2) Optimal Facial Dynamics and the Power of “Epigenetics

Theodore R. Belfor, DDS