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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Arresting and Reversing the Premature Aging of the Face

Just by observing other folks we can assume that the greatest loss of volume in the mid face appears in our fifties and in our sixties. That is the time when we most noticeably show our age. There is no denying the presence of lines and wrinkles turning up as we lose mid-face volume which is often compared to a grape that loses its water content and becomes a raisin.

The following photos show dramatic loss of mid faces volume in four years in a sixty year old. The blue face (left side) is the before face and the red face is the left side is the after face superimposed. The right side quantifies the changes and shows an overall loss of up to 3mm.

By comparison, a patient that was treated for almost 24 months with upper and lower HB appliances was viewed 2 years after treatment and four years after her baseline photo.

See below:

This patient shows more mid face volume at 56 years old than at 52 years old by as much as 1.5 mm. If we take into consideration a possible loss of 3 mm over that same period if there had been no treatment, this patient’s face is as much as 9mm wider than it would have been without treatment. Therefore I present that the Homeoblock™ appliance can be prescribed to patients as an anti-aging appliance.