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Friday, January 2, 2009

The Homeoblock™ Appliance Remodels Bones of the Face

The results of a recent study suggests that “the bony elements of the orbit change dramatically with age, and this, coupled with soft tissue changes can lead to the appearance of the aged eye and orbit.”1

The bony components of the face are important for overall facial 3D contour. The Homeoblock™ appliance remodels the bones of the face and affects the aged appearance of the orbit.

Before | After
Facial Volume Increased After Treatment 1.46 CC As Indicated

Note the pattern of increased mid-face volume (Green) extends under and over the eyes.

Note: The eyes are wider set and more level after treatment.

Note the changes at the inferior border of the orbit. Clearly there is a remodeling forward.

The Homeoblock™ appliance provides noticeable facial enhancement in three to six months for most patients.

During the aging process, it has been shown that the orbital rim moves posterior in relation to the cornea. What we see here is the opposite of the aging process at the inferior border of the orbit.

1-Kahn D.M., Shaw R. Aging of the Bony Orbit: A Three Dimensional CT Study.
International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.19th Congress, Melbourne, Australia:
February 10-13, 2008.